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Protection and durability of rolling bearings,

operating in all sectors of the economy

any state"

Organization name: Small enterprise "FAN".

Legal address: Uzbekistan, 150102, Fergana,

A.Yassavy, 40b, 44.

Year of foundation: 1992

Main activity: development and implementation of innovative   


Number of employees - 5 people

Contact person: Lee Vladimir Petrovich

Position: director and project manager

Phone: +998 (73) 244-45-09, mob: +82 (10) 5813-7854,

+998 (90) 631-58-20

E-mail: lee.anval@gmail.com, fantek@yandex.ru

Website: http://www.fanliza.ru

YouTube: https://youtu.be/B2Opc7GDH6U


The project is proposed to increase the durability and reliability of rolling bearings used in all sectors of the economy of any country. Achieving this goal is carried out by protecting the rolling bearings with the innovative LIZA material.

Practice has established that 1% anthracite dust in the lubricant causes an increase in the wear rate of gear parts by 2-3 times, and the presence of 2% sandstone dust - more than 30 times (Tregubov N.M. et al. Repair of mining machines. M., Nedra, 1978, p. 58). To an even greater extent, this statement applies to bearing assemblies.

Thus, equipment that should be operated for one year (8760 hours) fails after 12 days (8760 : 30 = 292 hours ≈ 12 days).

LIZA materials are developments made at the level of inventions and patented in the Republic of Uzbekistan (patents No. 4740, 5967, 2013, 6044). The patent owner is Lee V.P. and the small enterprise "FAN".

The World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva) conducted an examination of patent No. 5967 and recognized it as a world-class invention, the international publication number is WO 97/25544.

LIZA's material was included in the collection "Promising intellectual Property objects" of the Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, 2002, p.50).

The development is included in the catalog of the VIII Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects (Tashkent, 2015, p.63).

In 2017, LIZA's material made it to the semifinals of the Open Innovations Startup Tour in Astrakhan, the largest event of the IC Skolkovo to search for the most promising innovative projects in Russia and the CIS.

Prime Minister Aripov A.N., in 2017, at the X Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects, by his order included this development in the list of 12 most effective innovative projects to be introduced into the economy of Uzbekistan as a priority.

In 2020, SE "FAN" received admission and took part in the Russian Forum "OPEN INNOVATIONS STARTUP TOUR 2020" in the "Competition" section.

In 2021, this development was presented at the Forum "OPEN INNOVATIONS STARTUP TOUR 2021" in the section "Exhibition", https://2021.startup-tour.ru/exhibitors?page=5.

In 2022, the innovative project of SE "FAN" was re-admitted and presented at the Forum "OPEN INNOVATIONS STARTUP TOUR 2022" in the section "Exhibition", https://startup-tour.ru/exhibitors?page=2.

LIZA antifriction materials are designed to protect rolling bearings from any abrasive particles and aggressive media, from the negative influence of various atmospheric factors.

Abrasive substances in the form of dust, sand, sawdust, fibers, various contaminants and aggressive media in the form of solutions of acids, alkalis, salts during operation penetrate into the bearing units of the equipment and cause catastrophic wear, corrosion, which entails a rapid failure of the bearings and the shutdown of the entire production line, complex, conveyor and etc.

In fact, abrasives are micro angle grinder, which has penetrated into the bearing and is doing its dirty work extremely quickly.

The LIZA material is a shock-resistant oil-and-gasoline-resistant composition, long-term resistant to atmospheric factors, various aggressive media in the form of solutions of acids, alkalis and salts. The temperature limit of operation of the LIZA material is in the range from -40 to +130° C. LIZA material is certified, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable and fire- and explosion-proof material.

The bearing industry produces standard bearings with protective washers and seals, unfortunately a limited range of sizes and dimensions.

The small enterprise "FAN" has developed a technology for the protection of rolling bearings of all sizes.

The LIZA material can also protect heavy-duty ball bearings, double-row spherical ball and roller bearings, single-row tapered roller bearings, support ball and roller bearings, roller bearings with long rollers, bearings of axle assemblies of the railway car fleet, produced by the bearing industry only of an open type.

When using standard bearings with protective washers and seals, abrasive substances, aggressive media still penetrate into the bearing cavity through the gap between the inner ring and the washer, seal, causing wear and failure.

When using this development, a gap remains between the bearing and the LIZA material, measured in tens of fractions (0.1-0.3) millimeters. This gap, which can be adjusted, is filled with grease, which also makes it difficult for foreign particles and substances to penetrate into the bearing cavity.

The essence of this development is to create a labyrinth seal directly in the cavity of a standard rolling bearing, which is both radial and axial. Labyrinth seals are considered to be the most effective of all existing seals for bearing units of equipment.

Labyrinth seals are usually installed directly in front of the rolling bearing, in addition, the manufacturing process is labor-intensive. 

The LIZA material sits on the bearing cage as on a rebar and rotates with it. The rotation of the LIZA material occurs regardless of whether the inner ring (i.e. the shaft) or the outer ring of the bearing rotates.

The centrifugal force that occurs during the rotation of the LIZA material extremely intensively rejects any particles and media that seek to penetrate into the bearing cavity. The best defense is an attack!

Therefore, the sealing properties of the LIZA material are much more effective than the protective washers and seals of standard bearings, which do not rotate if the shaft (inner ring) turns.

In most cases, it is the shaft that rotates, so there is no protective centrifugal force in standard bearings with washers and seals.

The effectiveness of the development is evidenced by the fact that in the 80s the newspaper "Socialist Industry", together with the USSR State Committee for Science and Technology, the State Committee of Inventions, the Central Council of the VOIR and VDNH of the USSR, took patronage over the introduction of eleven promising developments, one of which was a similar material - antifriction filler AFZ-3 for rolling bearings.

The economic effect of one bearing with this material ranged from 3 to 466 rubles ($) at a bearing price of 30-39 kopecks (¢) ("Today, tomorrow and every day" According to the pages of the newspaper "Socialist Industry" 1969-1989, Moscow, 1989, pp.162-163).

Unfortunately, due to fragility (during transportation, installation and operation) the AFZ-3 material did not go into mass production. Also, bearings with this material are intended only for low-speed friction units (100÷300 rpm), since they operate in dry friction mode only, which is categorically unacceptable for bearing units of any equipment.

The technological process of protecting bearings with AFZ-3 material is labor-intensive: processing of each bearing on a lathe with compressed air purging is required. The organization of the production of bearings with AFZ-3 at single enterprises is impossible due to the complexity of manufacturing technological equipment and equipment.

The effectiveness of the introduction of impact-resistant material LIZA has been repeatedly confirmed by acts of industrial tests and implementations at a number of large enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  1. Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine;
  2. Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine;
  3. JSC "Akhangaranshifer";
  4. Uzbek Plant of refractory and heat-resistant metals;
  5. JSC "Kuvasaycement";
  6. Almalyk software "Ammophos";
  7. Navoi Construction Department;
  8. JSC "Akhangarantcement".

The service life of bearings with LIZA material in friction units of various equipment of these enterprises has increased from 1.5 to 7 times.

The economic effect of the LIZA material on the conveyor lines of the Navoi MMC alone, calculated by the combine on the basis of its certificates of industrial testing of bearings with LIZA, is 5 billion soums $2 million.

The length of this conveyor line is 10 km, the width of the belt is 2000 mm., 30,000 rollers work on the conveyor, i.e. 60,000 bearings 6310 (https://youtu.be/v7SvBf5pe_A). The service life of conveyor rollers on bearings with LIZA material has increased 4 times.

Enterprises of the mining, mining and processing, coal mining, oil and gas industry, construction materials and other industries use large-sized radial spherical double-row roller bearings. These bearings are characterized by high cost and scarcity.

To protect the bearing 3656 (22356) at a cost of 400 thousand.  rubles need 3 kg of LIZA material worth 500 rubles for 1 kg. Taking into account labor costs, the cost of protecting this bearing will be 2 thousand rubles. If the durability of such bearings with LIZA increases by 1.5 times, then the economic effect of investing 2 thousand rubles will be at least 200 thousand rubles.

Per Arnold Elgqvist Olsson, former mechanical engineer from SKF (the largest bearing company), on the website: http://ru.bearing-news.com/bearing-reliability-tips-part/l,

http://ru.bearing-news.com/bearing-reliability-tips-part-2/ in Postulate No. 8 writes the Conclusion: Use bearings with a seal as often as possible!

Our YouTube video: https://youtu.be/B20pc7GDH6U It shows that this statement is outdated and clearly proves that bearings with LIZA material have at least ten times the service life of bearings with a standard seal.

The technological process of protecting rolling bearings with LIZA material was developed by the small enterprise "FAN", is its property, includes know-how.

Two employees who have mastered this technology can meet the annual demand of a single enterprise for such bearings.

A unique and distinctive feature of this development is that this innovative technology practically does not require investments, special equipment and can be implemented at any single enterprises within 10-15 days.

The equipment necessary for the production of rolling with LIZA is not in short supply and is used in all ordinary enterprises (drying thermoshaf, drilling and turning machine).

The development can be exported to other countries.


3.1. The scope of the project is extensive, as rolling bearings are used in all sectors of the economy of any state.

3.2. In the mining, oil and gas industry and mining engineering, the use of bearings with LIZA is promising due to the fact that equipment, machines and mechanisms of these industries are constantly negatively affected by abrasive materials, work in atmospheric conditions, as a result of which they have a low service life.

3.3. It is also necessary to take into account that the equipment of these industries is characterized by impressive dimensions and, of course, bearings of appropriate sizes. The LIZA material can protect bearings of any size.

3.4. In the construction industry (reinforced concrete plants, house-building plants, building materials plants, mines, sand pits, mines, sections) related to the extraction of limestone, clay, sand, gravel, crushed stone, and the production of cement, bricks, cement and concrete mortars, mixtures, i.e. abrasives, on their basis, the introduction of this invention it will also be very effective. 

3.5. In the agro-industrial sector, the use of LIZA material in the bearing assemblies of agricultural machines, machinery and equipment, which are constantly exposed to soil, sand, dust, clay, and various contaminants during operation, is also promising.

3.6. In the chemical industry, the use of chemical-resistant material LIZA is effective due to the aggressiveness of the substances and media used.

3.7. In the cement industry, the introduction of this invention will also be effective due to the abrasiveness of the raw materials used and the finished product.

3.8. In the railway industry, the development will be very promising, especially in the axle boxes of various railway car fleets.      

3.9. In the milling industry, the application of this invention, due to dustiness during the processing of products (wheat, rice, various cereals), seems promising.

3.10. In the automotive, agricultural, road-building engineering, the introduction of the development also seems to be effective: the bearing units of this equipment, due to their low location, are constantly in contact with sand, dust, dirt, etc.

3.11. Bearings with LIZA material will be effective in bearing assemblies of various scooters, including electric scooters.

3.12. However, first of all, the most promising and 100% guaranteed is the introduction of LIZA material into the bearing units of conveyor and conveyor lines, mine trolleys, track support rollers, axle boxes of various wagons with a multiple increase in service life.

3.13. The number of such bearings worldwide is measured in tens, if not hundreds of millions of pieces.

The cost of the conveyor belt (quite high) is 50%, and the cost of the rollers is 30% of the cost of the entire conveyor, so the total cost of the belt and rollers is 80% of the total amount.

Increasing the service life of the conveyor belt and rollers will have a great effect, given the universal applicability of conveyor equipment in many sectors of the economy.

The wear of the belt and rollers directly depends on the service life of the rolling bearings on which the rollers rotate. When the bearing is jammed, the roller stops rotating, respectively, catastrophic wear of the belt and rollers begins, which ultimately leads to a rapid failure of the entire conveyor line.  

3.14. Conveyor equipment is used in all industries: mining, coal mining, chemical, milling industry, construction industry, mines, mines, quarries and sections.

3.15. As noted above, the economic effect of using the LIZA material on the Navoi MMC conveyor alone is 5 billion soums ≈ $2 million.

3.16. Hence the conclusion: if there are such savings on the Navoi MMC conveyor line alone, then the economic effect on the scale of a single country or state will amount to dozens of millions of dollars.

3.17. All of the above can also be attributed to the bearings of the support rollers of tracked vehicles and axle boxes of various car fleets of railway transport, which are currently produced by the bearing industry only open (unprotected).

3.18. The specifics of the work of the bearings of the support rollers of tracked vehicles (tractors, bulldozers, excavators, pipe-laying machines, military equipment - tanks, infantry fighting vehicle, airborne combat vehicle, anti-aircraft missile systems) is such that they work "up to their ears" in conditions of complete off-road, experiencing constant, continuous exposure to dirt, dust, sand. 

Summing up the above, we can conclude that the introduction of innovative LIZA material will significantly increase the service life of bearing assemblies of machines, mechanisms, equipment of all sectors of the economy of any state, which will lead to a large multiplicative economic effect.


Director of SE "FAN"          

V. Lee